About Merresor bus

About Merresor bus

Merresor bus offers bus rides adapted to our customers’ wishes and visions. Describe your needs and we are in most cases able to fulfill your desires. 

We offer transport experiences for both small and large groups, shorter journeys/transports in the Stockholm region and longer journeys in Sweden, the Nordic Region or why not Europe?

If there are requests for simpler food and/or beverages during departure, such as breakfast, we are happy to help arrange that. We can also arrange guided tours in Swedish, English and German. If you desire guiding in other languages we will do our best to acquire a skilled guide.

We are happy to give you advice on different sights and experiences around Sweden.

Examples of common assignments:

  • Transport to conferences with ca 30-100 passengers
  • Transport to private parties/weddings with ca 100 passengers
  • Smaller group of 10-50 passengers
  • Bus ride with flexible amount of passengers and destination
  • Transport to bigger events with up to several hundred passengers

See examples of assignments we have performed >

Merresor bus has a long experience of arranging high quality bus rides. Our drivers are skilled professional drivers, comfortable in the role of giving the best possible service to our customers.

When you book your journey with us you can be assured that we will deliver a travel experience in top class, no matter what your wishes look like.

Feel welcome to contact us! 

Merresor bus is a part of Merresor that offers passenger traffic with trains and buses as well as traffic management and replacement traffic by bus. The company consists of several different businesses where brands such as Snälltåget and Bussakuten are included. Merresor is owned by the Transdev concern and is part of the area for commercial traffic.